A.C. Milan, Stefano Pioli: “Ibra will always be with us even on the road.”

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Milan, Stefano Pioli: "Ibra willà always be with us even in away matches"

Here are the words, reported by Pianeta Milan, of Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli on the eve of the match against Salernitana coached by one of the symbols of the Rossoneri’s history, Filippo Inzaghi.

"There is no need to emphasize that there’è unityà of the group. I do not think it is only a reference to the team group and those who work here in Milanello, but I think especially those who do not appear and allow us to work with quality and perfect organization that should be thanked. We work seriously and to grow".

“Zlatan è the usual Zlatan, he is approaching a different role. È very curious, but also determined. I saw him happy and motivated. A good day. Yes, I think he will always be there, even on the road. È an asset and an added value for everyone. We know his motivation, respect and experience. È the symbol of those who challenge challenges, canò only help".

“Superleague? I just finished training and just heard the news. Però I donò t have data in my hand that would allow me to make a deeper" judgment.

"I don’t do the medical bulletin, but we are still in an emergency. We are all putting our heads together, we want to normalize. The last few injuries have been particular, we are trying to get back to normal. We have a challenging January ahead of us. I hope Bennacer will get more minutes, he is fine even if he comes from a long injury. Tomorrow he will playà from the start. He will be on the field as long as he has energy. Then everyone for injuries does what they think is right".

“Whether è a new season began after the second half with Newcastle? It all depends on tomorrow’s game. È it is inevitable that it will be soà. We are looking for continuity è. Tomorrow è difficult, but we have to face it well. Also knowing our and our opponents" characteristics.

“Whether we will redo the 3-man defense? The choice was going in that direction mainly because of the offensive positions of Monza, tomorrow Salernitana do not know what positions they will take. We will take the ones we think are right. I know what I do, I know who I coach. I am convinced of the potential of the team. At the moment we cannot be very satisfied, but we can make it moreù positive".

“Inzaghi? I don’t remember marking him, I remember little from when I played. Pippo è the history of Milan, è he was a great player. In the hearts of the fans. He has been coaching for a few years, he knows that in our profession è it is normal to go through difficult moments, but you have to keep believing in your ideas. Tomorrow we are rivals, we will beat each other".

“A goal from Leao would be very important for us and for him. He comes from an injury, for someone soì explosive these matches have improved his condition”.

"We will not have clean weeks, but when we have a chance to develop a weekly mini-cycle we will work on some situations, especially individual ones. We will have more after the games, hopefully, of the Italian Cup and with a full week we can structure a more precise load".

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