Mike Maignan, first bid for renewal

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Mike Maignan, first offer for renewal

One of the priorities for Milan è is surely to armor Mike Maignan, whose contract è expires on June 30, 2026. The French extreme defender è one of the leaders of the team and for this reason the Rossoneri management would have already initiated contacts to try to find an agreement for the extension.

According to a report by "SportMediaset", the Milanese club has reportedly made an initial offer of around 6 million euros (including bonuses) per season until 2028. The former Lille goalkeeper, for his part, would ask for a salary around 6.5 million euros, so that he would become the second highest paid player on the roster after Rafael Leao.

In the coming days, the parties are expected to have further contacts to try to narrow the gap between supply and demand, however, also accomplice to Maignan’s willingness to stay in Milan, Milan would be very optimistic in being able to reach an agreement soon.

In view of the market, the Milanese club would be willing to consider a sale of the French extreme defender only in front of offers around 100 million euros.

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