Fiorentina, Rocco Commisso peremptory on Vincenzo Italiano and the purple market

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Rocco Commisso doesn’t mince words

Connecting from the United States during 'Buongiorno Viola Park', on Fiorentina official channels, the owner of the lily club Rocco Commisso took stock of the last few weeks, both from the market and technical points of view, peremptorily ruling out any doubts about Vincenzo Italiano's work.

"Italiano has the complete trust of the company,

said Commisso.

He has done an extraordinary job and for me it is embarrassing to hear that we have problems, they are just words to put discord. Unfortunately, thereè those who criticize Fiorentina every day, when he returns to Florence heè will also face this situation".

The market seems to have convinced the patron of the Viola: "I am happy that Faraoni and Belotti have arrived,” he said. “To say that I don’t want to spend on Fiorentina è crazy. We can estimate that I paid 450 million euros in five years, è a record. Our accounts are in order but that doesn’t mean we have to spend more.

Rocco Commisso, class of 1949, è president and owner of Fiorentina since 2019. No trophies have yet arrived during his presidency, althoughé the violets came very close in the 2022/23 season, losing in the final of both the Coppa Italia to Inter Milan and the Conference League to West Ham United.

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