Pippo Inzaghi in venom with Walter Sabatini

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Salernitana, the greeting of Filippo Inzaghi

After being exonerated by Salernitana, Filippo Inzaghi, through a long post on his Instagram account, wanted to send a final farewell to the Campania square, the fans and the players. In addition, the former Milan center forward did not spare some barbs towards Walter Sabatini.

"The moment of separation è always complicated, especially when you suffer the decision. Salerno in a few months è entered me. Around the streets, fans and ordinary people stop me, with regret and sorrow, for a greeting, a photo, a handshake. The’only word I now feel to say from the heart è: “thank you”. For the’welcome, appreciation and trust. I do not feel the weight of failure, I feel the weakness of an unfulfilled mission not by my own will’along with the great sense of responsibility’for a city’and a fan base among the most beautiful in Italy. I confirm that twice I have tried to shake the’environment from within, fearing my resignation but I have always been persuaded to continue because’after all, one phrase also applies to me: UNTIL THE END.

I espoused the project with transparency and the latter è what I would have wanted, especially on the market which, in my opinion è was late and not in line. Of little use today are the consolatory phrases of director Sabatini, not least because I don’t see the sense of apologizing about one’s own mistake and cutting off another’s head. I live for soccer and for the loyalty it has taught me è that is why I love the fans, because è they are loyal and unfortunately è that is what I would also like in the whole environment but perhaps I am utopian. Finally, it would serve little purpose to say that Lady Luck with us has turned her head elsewhere. Now I hope everything returns to turn as the square deserves and I wish my players to continue the path of growth that we started 3 months ago together! I embrace them all with affection, I embrace you all with affection and always “macte animo""this the long message posted by Filippo Inzaghi.

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