Red Bull RB20 unveiled. Chris Horner and Max Verstappen are confident

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Red Bull RB20 unveiled. Chris Horner and Max Verstappen are confident

È has been presented the Red Bull RB20 with which Max Verstappen will have to defend the Formula 1 world title he has now held for three seasons. The new creature of Adrian Newey è appeared very innovative compared to the RB19 that pulverized the competition last year and therefore change could be a rschio factor, but in the stable in words are all very quiet.

Team principal Chris Horner branded as “distraction” the team’s internal investigation into allegedly inappropriate behavior toward an employee: "Inevitably there's been a distraction but the team è very united and everyone is focused on the season. Everything è took place normally. The support è has been fantastic". 

“I think the team is getting ready for next season,‖ added Horner, -we are in good shape, we are completely focused on racing, we are looking forward to being in Bahrain next week and seeing the RB20 run. The one thing that draws everyone's attention è seeing the car run. We are very close and united in this focus".

“I don’t know who likes to write this kind of thing, but for me and Christian, the relationship è always the same,” Verstappen said, commenting on rumors about possible friction between him and Horner. “For my part, I am very focused on my performance, to be ready, to be fit, to be ready to drive the car, to discuss things with the engineers”.

“Moreover, my life is not è only Formula 1. When I am at home I prefer not to think about it too much outside of my schedule and training. There are a lot of things going on in the background, I am more than busy. Would I prefer more fierce competition for this year? “Sì and no, I like to win races like we did last year, but for the sport as a whole you hope for more teams”.

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