Lewis Hamilton wants to dispel Ferrari’s taboo

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The words of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton spoke at a press conference today in Bahrain, during the break in testing between morning and afternoon: "When we signed this summer the extension it was obvious that I saw my future with Mercedes, but at the beginning of the year an opportunity è presented itself and I decided to take it".

"It's been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, I have been linked to Mercedes for 26 years. They have supported me and we have lived together an incredible adventure, which has marked the history of the sport and of which I am very proud. But, in the end, I am the one writing my own story and I felt it was time to start a new chapter. 

"Every driver wonders what it might feel like to wear the red suit,” he added.

The team has not achieved great results since 2007, and that also stimulates me. As a kid in video games I always chose Michael Schumacher. Maranello? I never went there, being a Mercedes driver it didn’t seem appropriate. The relationship with Fred Vasseur? È very good, I raced for him before I landed in Formula 1. I always considered him a good manager and thought he could make it in F1. The Italian? Over the years I have never been able to learn another language, but I will try. As a kid when I was driving on karts in Italy I had learned a few phrases".

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