F1, Daniel Ricciardo is ready to impress

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F1, Daniel Ricciardo è ready to amaze

On the eve of the Bahrain Grand Prix, which starts tomorrow with the first two free practice sessions at the Sakhir circuit, Daniel Ricciardo è said he is very motivated and è ready to amaze at the wheel of his RB (Racing Bulls) and revive his career to live a second youth. Here are his words.

“Finally, è time to get back on track. I can't wait, honestly. Unlike last year, this time è it was nice to have a real pre-season".

"After 2022, I needed that break, so è it was great to come in mid-season, but as far as being fully prepared, this year è it was a better way to prepare. I feel that this è like the beginning of the second part of my career".

"Having some time off gives you a new perspective. I am putting a lot of focus on what è a second opportunity" for me, but at the same time, I am not putting pressure".

" I am hungry and motivated without any negative weight on my shoulders or stress related to it, interfering with my life".

"Like everyone else, I have only had a few hours of testing with this year&#39s car. È it is natural that a new car is an improvement over the previous one, but what counts è where we stand compared to others".

"Have we improved more than them or have they improved more than us? We feel better, but are you as good as your competition allows you to be".

"I stayed in Bahrain after the test, and with the engineers we spent many hours studying all the data from the three days on the track, so we know what we want to do as soon as we get on track for free practice".

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