Fernando Alonso speaks out about the future

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The words of Fernando Alonso ahead of the Bahrain GP

During the press conference presenting the first race weekend in Bahrain, the first round of the new F1 season, among the drivers who spoke there è was also Fernando Alonso, who is heading towards his 21st season in the Circus. The Spanish driver, among the various topics discussed, è also dwelt on his future and the possibility of hanging up his helmet at the end of this championship.

"First of all, I have to decide if I want to continue racing, and I will have to do it in a few races. I feel good now, but the calendar is getting more and more challenging. In 2026 there will be different regulations that might be tempting, or not. He will wait for a few races to make a decision" began the Aston Martin driver.

"I think Bahrain is a unique place, especially because of the asphalt and the characteristics of the race, which is very limited in terms of degradation. Also, we have done a lot of testing here and it's the only track we do testing on. I think we will have to wait a few weekends to be able to make a first hierarchy among the teams, so I would not pay too much attention to the results of this first Gp" continued the Spaniard.

"I think we have made progress in the development of the car, then if this step will be enough we will see in the first races. What I see inside the team è a different approach than in 2023, where we started with a good base and it was a surprise to see how fast we were at the beginning. Then we couldn&#39t keep up with the growth of the other cars. It's been a pivotal season because we&#39ve learned lessons that are key to being able to compete for the title" added the former Ferrari driver.

"In 2024 we are off to a good start, it will be interesting to see if we can maintain the pace of development of the other teams over the course of the season. Last year we were not up to it and obviously we want to improve in this respect" concluded Fernando Alonso.

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