Darren Cahill reveals Jannik Sinner’s secret

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The words of Darren Cahill

Darren Cahill also spoke at a press conference in Miami after Jannik Sinner’s triumph: “He treasures the tournaments he wins, he understands that what he is doing è a privilege. He can è play a sport he loves and do it at the highest level. He is enjoying every part of his life right now. He appreciates every single moment he spends, but he also keeps his feet on the ground knowing that è just a sport, è just a game of tennis, a game, and while being professional in everything he does, he finds a way to have fun. There’è much to learn from both him and Carlos. I think tennis is in very good hands: è it is important that these kinds of sportsmen get to the top“.

And again: "È an outstanding guy and an outstanding young man. È a pleasure to have been involved with the team now for almost two years. We are a very good team and, as I have already said many times, Simone Vagnozzi è the main coach of this team. It makes no difference whether Simone is here or not. Simone è is the main architect of the improvements made by Jannik. Then there ’è Umberto Ferrara, the athletic trainer, we have here Giacomo Naldi, the physical therapist. He has a great environment around him. For me personally è a little bit’ different, because è my role è a little bit’ different in this particular one from my previous coaching roles, but I’m having a great time. I’m also sort of the papà of this team, overseeing most of the decisions that are made".

“The end of last year helped him a lot. È matured a lot in the last 12 months. I think getting to the final in Turin, resetting everything and winning the Davis Cup with his team for Italy was a fantastic moment for him. È he was able to carry that confidence all the way to the Australian Open. Now, when he goes down on any court in the world against any player in the world, he respects everyone, but he fears no one, è always ready to give his best.

Closing remark on improvement under the athletic profile: “Two words: Umberto Ferrara, the physical trainer. È he has been outstanding in what he has done. Also, I think it is really important that someone, when they come into a team to work, first plan the progress that the athlete has to make. In this Umberto è he has been incredible. The training regimen è has been consistent from the moment we started, almost two years ago, to what you see now with Jannik. Umberto has been able to chart the perfect path for physical growth, and now Jannik is reaping the benefits of the work he started two years ago“.

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