Jannik Sinner made quick work of it: the irony of Valentino Rossi

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Jannik Sinner made fast: the irony of Valentino Rossi

Another great Italian champion like Valentino Rossi also wanted to pay tribute to Jannik Sinner after the exploit that earned him a triumph in the Miami Masters 1000, his third trophy won in 2024 after the Australian Open and the Atp 500 in Rotterdam. The Blue closed out the Grigor Dimitrov practice in just over an hour, displaying a confidence and form currently unparalleled that make him the virtual number one on the planet.

The Doctor wanted to celebrate Sinner’s success in his own way, with irony, on his Instagram profile, putting the emphasis on the San Candido athlete’s very quick victory: "I didn’t even get comfortable in time…", wrote the rider number 46. "Great" added the nine-time MotoGP world champion.

Sinner at a recent press conference explained that he often got in touch with Valentino Rossi and other great Italian champions of the past such as Alberto Tomba: "I started chatting with Giorgio Chiellini, Alberto Tomba and Valentino Rossi", Jannik had said.

"I am in contact with them becauseé I want to have a different view than mine from the best athletes as they have been. È nice to see other points of view besides tennis as well. I have not met them live yet, and I would like to do so. In the meantime è a pleasure to hear them".

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