Andrea Scanzi as talent-scout: “They thank me for introducing them to Jannik Sinner”

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Scanzi’s message

Apparently there’è who thanks Andrea Scanzi for introducing him to Jannik Sinner. This was recounted by the journalist himself in a long post in which, among other things, he lashes out at those who è jumped on the winner’s bandwagon after the successes of the South Tyrolean ace.

"Many of you are thanking me for introducing you to Sinner five and more years ago.

I am pleased about that. I reiterate però that the credit è to a friend of mine, Adriano Aiello, who spoke to me about it enthusiastically long before Bergamo 2019. From then on I sharpened my antennae and started following him all the time. I quickly realized that he was a phenomenon" wrote Scanzi.

"Aiello and I used to call him Sinner and I remember we spent a good part of 2019 streaming him in the mostù unlikely challengers he played that year (I distinctly remember his final in Lexington in the final against Bolt and the crappy connection…)" he later assured.

"Ever since then I have always celebrated and magnified Sinner, catching shitloads of insults from the same underdeveloped people who have now jumped on the bandwagon and maybe even pretend that they were the ones who discovered him (nothing new: we are in Italy, the home of beauty but sometimes also of intellectual dishonestyà)" the final blow.

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