True Volley Monza at last resort, Eccheli: “We must have courage and give everything.”

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The words of Massimo Eccheli ahead of race 3

MINT Vero Volleyball Monza, led by Massimo Eccheli, è ready for the third match of the 23-24 Credem Banca Superleague Scudetto semifinals against Itas Trentino at the Il T Quotidiano Arena in Trento, scheduled for Sunday, April 7 at 5 p.m. ( live on Rai Sport and

Having lost the first two confrontations, the Brianzoli are aware that they will have to pull out a superlative performance to keep alive their hopes of victory and postpone the verdict to Game 4. What made the difference in the previous challenges for Lavia and his teammates è was the batting, with numerous team aces useful to mark the groove in the hot stages. Monza, however, did not back down, creating several headaches for Soli’s lineup in Game 2 with Eric Loeppky in double figures (19 balls put on the floor), followed by Takahashi and Szwarc both with 13 points scored. The Lombardi, whose week of training leading up to the match did not è take place at full ranks accomplice to some physical ailments, above all Maar always in doubt, will have to try to make fewer errors (29 against Trento’s 17) and improve the wall-defense correlation (4 walls against the Dolomite team’s 15), a fundamental that has given so much satisfaction during the current season.

"It's a last-ditch game: we will have to put in all the energy and desire we have if we want to have any chance of extending the series. We must have courage and give 110 percent, without sparing ourselves" these were the words of Massimo Eccheli in the press conference.

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