Women’s World Cup: Italhockey overwhelms Slovenia and gets a medal

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Italy-Slovenia 6-1

It closes with a success, the third consecutive, the Women’s World Cup Division I Group B of the Italian national team. The Azzurre, who overcame Slovenia with a clear 6 to 1, will then close with a silver or bronze medal, depending on the results of the last two matches today. Despite a little regret for the two unexpected defeats with which the rainbow review had opened, there remains the great reaction of the girls coached by Stephanie Poirier, who were able to avoid worse trouble and still close in the medal zone, despite missing the promotion goal.

The Blue Women dominated the match, which would close with 52 shots to 15, from the very first bars of the game. At minute 08:01, Stocker’s shot was deflected into the net by Caumo’s stick, which put Italy ahead. Closing out the first period, at 19:31, è Mazzocchi forcefully outmaneuvered an opponent and made no mistake in front of Dukaric. The Azzurri show continued in the middle period: at 34:27, on a powerplay, another play from Stocker's blue, which this time found Roccella&#39s stick for 3-0. Barely 75 seconds pass and it is the captain, Carola Saletta, who signs the poker after being freed in front of the goal by Mazzocchi's kiss assist.

In the third period, the Azzurri controlled the result without any fears, until at 49:49 Slovenia managed to beat a shot with Nylaander, who at the end of a personal action inscribed behind Fedel. Slovene still tried to field the sixth player on the ice in the final minutes, however, ending up cashing in on Lobis’ empty-goal goal at 57:10. Before the final siren there'è was also room for the sixth Azzurri goal, by Maddalena Bedont: for the 16-year-old è the first goal in a senior World Cup.

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