Paolo Bertolucci enjoys Matteo Berrettini and crowns Italian tennis

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Paolo Bertolucci enjoys Matteo Berrettini and crowns Italian tennis

During a speech to the microphones of "Sky Sport", former Italian player Paolo Bertolucci, in addition to expressing his satisfaction with Matteo Berrettini&#39s return to victory, wanted to praise in no uncertain terms the level reached by the Italian men&#39s tennis movement.

"Italian tennis è currently number one in the world at the men’s level. The further confirmation è came from Berrettini who found again the victory of a tournament after a very long time. We can say with certainty that we have found again a player of absolute level. He will probably be a bit tired in Monte Carlo and we won&#39t see his best version, but I am convinced that he will arrive at the top of his form on grass,” the former Italian tennis player began.

"Musetti had not gotten off to a good start in Estoril, but he gave a good test yesterday against Fritz. He was calm, confident and was ready both when there was a need to push and when it was necessary to control the pace. He has the qualities to be able to take a lot of satisfaction and return higher in the world rankings" added the "Sky Sports" commentator.

"Sinner è trained very well already expressing a very good level. Playing è different and will need some time to adapt to the clay, but I am sure he will arrive prepared for the appointment" concluded Paolo Bertolucci.

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