Lesmo by 30 and praise, completed the perfect season

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Lesmus, 30 with honors

The Lesmo girls completed the perfect season. The team coached by Andrea Ruggeri, after having achieved with four days in advance the promotion to the C series by closing the accounts at the first match point, against Montorfano Rovato among the friendly walls, when it had arrived a bombastic goleada for 9-1, it è not satisfied.

In the match of the last day played on the field of Albosaggia è came another sharp 0-6 for the thirtieth success in as many matches played, for a historical record and by definition unbeatable.

Also incredible were the final numbers in terms of goals: 135 those scored and just 9 conceded. It was one of the goals left for this team that aimed to finish below double digits in this statistical item and, for a change, they did it.

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