Anna Kalinskaya updates on her condition after withdrawing from Wimbledon

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Anna Kalinskaya’s words after withdrawing from Wimbledon

It's ended in the worst way Anna Kalinskaya's adventure in the Wimbledon tournament. In the match counting to the round of 16 against Elena Rybakina, the Russian player, after an excellent start, suffered a problem with a nerve in her right arm, which greatly impaired her performance. After clenching her teeth in the first set, at the beginning of the second the world number 17 decided to retire, as the pain had become unbearable.

Speaking at the press conference, Jannik Sinner’s fiancée, among other topics, tried to analyze the dynamics of her injury and spoke about her condition: "I started to feel pain in my wrist in the fourth game of the first set. I don&#39t know the severity of the injury yet, because I have yet to see the doctor, so I can&#39t tell you clearly what is going on with my wrist".

"The pain was really affecting my serve and first ball after the serve. My feeling was lacking. I thought it would go away as time went on, but it è not so. In the second set, I decided to stop becauseè I was not feeling well" continued the Moscow native.

"It's very frustrating, very sad. Probably è my favorite tournament, but I am a human being and I decided to stop becauseè I couldnè t completely control my body. I have to accept the result, find out what is going on right now, try to recover and figure out how to prevent it in the future" added the 1998-class player.

"I have never had such a problem in the past. I have had different types of injuries, but this è something new, so it will beè crucial to understand whatè happened and from whatè this problem" originated,” Anna Kalinskaya concluded.

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