Ducati, Tardozzi impressed by Pecco Bagnaia: “Like the greatest”

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Ducati, Tardozzi impressed by Pecco Bagnaia: "Like the mostù great"

Ducati team manager Davide Tardozzi analyzing the German GP congratulated Pecco Bagnaia: "We enjoy the four wins in a row, Francesco’s six out of nine and the fact that he is leading the championship. I’m happy, he continues to surprise me and he doesn’t stop learning and wanting to do it".

"The attention he pays in the technical debriefs è characteristic of the humility" of the greatest champions, I believe he will make" further progress".

On Jorge Martin: "Sorry becauseé è a very fast rider, but è it was good of Pecco to put pressure on him and induce him to make a mistake. In the Sprint he had been fantastic".

According to Tardozzi, the fight will continue for a long time: "In 2023 they played for the title until the end, Martin could make it this year, there are more than 400 points at stake and everything è unpredictable. We will see who will come out on top in Valencia".

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