Ducati, no regrets on Marc Marquez: “But we also focus on young people”

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Ducati, no regrets on Marc Marquez: "But we also focus on youth"

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali to Sky è returned to talk about the arrival of Marc Marquez in the factory team starting in 2025. There was no shortage of criticism for the Borgo Panigale manufacturer’s choice: "The choice of Marquez è divisive, much more so in Italy than in the rest of the world because of his history, his way of riding and what è happened in the past. What I read è that nobody questions his talent, but several people have very characterized opinions about his history".

For so many Ducati has sacrificed moreù than what he has achieved: "È it was a very difficult decision for us because we love Martin very much: the choice in the end was Marc or Jorge, who è has been with us for a long time and è very strong. Time will tell us whether this decision è was right or not".

Domenicali does not think he has strengthened rivals with this choice: "We hope not, in the sense that you need the riders, you need the bike, you need the technique, you need to dose the energies well. There’è also a general problem of sustainability of this environment, where there are several companies that are making choices in my opinion that are not very sustainable, but è my opinion. We pay great attention to make sure that the’company is a whole: the races, the families in Borgo Panigale".

To those who accuse Ducati of neglecting the strategy for young people Domenicali replied thus: "This I think is denied by the facts, Fermin Aldeguer è one of the promising riders and he will be with us next year. So not only are we not changing our strategy, but we want to strengthen it".

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