Wimbledon: a stunning Jannik Sinner snatches the fourth set from Daniil Medvedev

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Wimbledon: a stunning Jannik Sinner snatches the fourth set from Daniil Medvedev

Absolute champion’s reaction for Jannik Sinner who, after the physical problems suffered in the third set, turned the tide and won the fourth set in 25 minutes with a score of 6-2.

Splendid fourth set by Jannik Sinner, who seems to have overcome the physical difficulties experienced in the third set. Medvedev felt a bit of fatigue but Sinner è was adept at staying mentally in the match and taking advantage of his opponent’s sluggishness.

Third set, déjà vu with yellow: Sinner è was again broken in the third game, and then left the court due to a physical problem. In fact, Jannik complained of dizziness at the end of the third game and asked for a medical time-out, returning to the locker room. After a 12-minute break, the world number one è reentered the court to applause and the match è resumed. Jannik was certainly not at his best and initially blamed Medvedev’s deadly shots but then with grit and determination è returned to the match but there was nothing to be done: his opponent è won the set with an ace in the 11th point of the tie-break.

Second set, Medvedev perfect in response got the first break of the match in the third game. Sinner, on the other hand, failed è to level up partly due to unexpected free errors and began to struggle steadily, even in serve. In the seventh game l'Azzurro nullified two break points, but failed to reverse the inertia: Medvedev closed 6-4 proving unassailable on serve so far.

Very hard-fought first set, where the serves of both tennis players dominated. The world number one easily held the serve but, on the other hand, failed to consistently trouble the Russian, who held serve without any particular trouble without conceding break balls. The balance reigned until the hard-earned tie-break: the Blue under initially 1-3 kept his cool and closed 9-7 after some very high-tension exchanges (decisive a fatal double fault of the Russian).

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