Paolo Bertolucci defends Jannik Sinner to the hilt

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Paolo Bertolucci responds to critics

Still making noise among Italian fans is the elimination of Jannik Sinner in the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon tournament at the hands of Daniil Medvedev: there was no shortage, in fact, of critical comments against the South Tyrolean, although there were many who not only found extenuating circumstances (such as the physical problems felt during Tuesday&#39s match) but also emphasized an achievement, entry into the top eight of the London tournament, which in any case è was very difficult to achieve in the first round.

Among the defenders of Jannik Sinner, there's, without a doubt, Paolo Bertolucci, who è directly confronted critics on 'X': "It would be desirable to understand that in sports even the best happen to lose – said the former tennis player, now a pundit. If the quarters of a slam are a disappointment look elsewhere".

"Do we sanctify a new acquisition or a player who scores a goal shouldn&#39t we do it with a world No. 1 athlete?" then added Bertolucci, in response to another comment critical of the athlete who since last June 10 è topped the world rankings on the men&#39s professional circuit.

Sinner è came out against Medvedev after a marathon five-set match that lasted three hours and fifty-four minutes, in which è he was also forced to stop due to dizziness at the beginning of the third set, for which the Italian athlete requested, and was granted, the opportunity to return to the locker room for ten minutes before resuming the match.

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