Matteo Berrettini, Santopadre speaks. Flunking a big man for Wimbledon.

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Santopadre Speaks

“I also really like Hurkacz who just won Halle, but I don’t see him as a Slam champion yet.” Vincenzo Santopadre, with the Messenger, makes the cards at Wimbledon.

“Today’s exaltation is different from that of last year’s Wimbledon final. Extraordinary, of course, but I thought on the eve of it that Matteo could make it to the last match, this time it was humanly conceivable that he was tired: how to imagine that on April 12 he took the last points off his hand and on June 12 he could win Stuttgart? These results exceeded a rational expectation,” Berrettini’s coach added, dwelling on his student’s recent exploits.

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