Gianni Petrucci warns Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna: “Do not create obstacles”

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Gianni Petrucci warns Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna

Two teams in the Euroleague next season and Gianni Petrucci speaks out.

“There are rules and you know what the consequences are,” he tells Il Messaggero. “The coach has every right to summon the players he sees fit to summon. To use the term ‘I give you these players’ a blasphemy for the federation and myself. Players have a duty, if summoned and not injured, to come to the national team. And clubs have a duty not to create obstacles.”

“On Belinelli I said this: ‘whoever does not come to the national team is not a champion,’ but not to attack him. Besides, Belinelli had already told me a year earlier that he would not be available. With Datome, instead, we clarified,” adds the number 1 of Italian basketball.

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