Pesaro awaits Olimpia Milano, Repesa’s deputy makes appeal to fans

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The words of Repesa’s deputy ahead of Pesaro-Olimpia Milano

With only a few hours to go before the start of the third act of the series between Pesaro and Olimpia Milano, the deputy coach of the Marche team spoke at a press conference to introduce the game. “We know very well what awaits us tomorrow night, which is a very difficult game against a great team, as we could see in the two games played at the Forum. We will have to try to equalize the intensity and aggressiveness of our opponents to try to compete without conceding easy baskets to them and limiting lost balls,” said the assistant coach.

“The audience will have to be our sixth man on the court. We hope there will be a lot of fans at the arena ready to support us, because we will also need them to try to limit a team like Olimpia Milano. We had little time to prepare for Game 3, but we worked well, especially from a tactical point of view to close the gap that emerged in the first two matches,” added Bruno Savignani.

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