Fred Kerley flies, Marcell Jacobs’ coach has an explanation

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Filippo Camossi, Jacobs’ coach, also spoke about the physical condition of the Olympic gold medalist at Tokyo 2020.

After a 38-day layoff, Marcell Jacobs is ready to return to the track. He will do so at the Rieti Absolute, as he announced on Friday. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, at the U.S. Trials, his great rival – that Fred Kerley Olympic silver medalist in the Tokyo 2020 race won by the Italian – stopped the clock at 9’76”. Simply the best world performance of the season as well as the sixth fastest ever.

Filippo Camossi, Jacobs’ coach, is not at all surprised by the performance of Kerley, obviously the man to beat at the upcoming world championships in Eugene in three weeks: “Kerley’s performance is not surprising,” said Camossi, “The good thing is that to improve he is trying to imitate Marcell. He has a much smoother action than he used to have, less forceful, tends to lower his shoulders. In the start he changed his execution and the throw is more decontracted, so much so that in the final he does not disunite. In the battery, to say, he ran the last 40 meters in 3″36″”.

The coach then made statements about his protégé’s condition ahead of the upcoming commitments, “Marcell is doing well, very well. The recovery therapies were perfect: did you see that Karsten Warholm also took to running on the curved treadmill? We realized it could be tried just the other day. I would also feel like being overprotective, but that wouldn’t be fair. Also because it would defeat my philosophy, which has always been to race as much as possible. We will then see if it is appropriate to participate in the final as well,” Camossi concluded.

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