Victor Osimhen shock: “With Inter Milan a pre-death experience.”

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Napoli striker returns to the nasty injury suffered with the Nerazzurri

Victor Osimhen went over the nasty injury he suffered to his face against Inter Milan last season to the microphones of Nigerian radio station Wazobia FM: “The injury I suffered against Inter was like a near-death experience. Only I can explain how I felt, because the face was mine and the body was mine, I am the only one who knows what he felt.”

“I managed to get off the field on my own, without a stretcher, I realized that I could handle it,” the Napoli forward’s words. “When I got to the hospital, I told my doctor that I would be out for two weeks at most. It had turned out from the X-rays that I had multiple bone fractures that they had to remove and repair again inside.”

“I have something like 18 screws under my jaw,” Osimhen explained, “I went through a lot: for many nights I could not sleep, I could not do it, from the pain it was impossible for me to even eat. But in the end I am a lion and I know the kind of mentality I have. In my mind, I had already planned my return after surgery.”

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