Genoa, Mimmo Criscito reveals why he is saying goodbye and makes a promise

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Criscito explains the farewell

Genoa’s now former captain Mimmo Criscito, in an interview with ‘Il Secolo XIX’, wanted to explain to the Rossoblù fans and others why he bid farewell to the Grifone.

In fact, the defender is close to transferring to Toronto Fc, where he will play together with Lorenzo Insigne.

“On this I want to make it clear because it is right. After Napoli I had said that I would have liked to stay even in B and I had also said that marriages are made in two. However, a club takes stock and has a project and I was not part of this project. At this point the possibilities were two: either I quit, and the society on this was fantastic because they gave me the opportunity to stay right away saying, “Mimmo, if you want we will let you join the society.” I still feel like playing, though, so I had to do it somewhere else. In Italy I had possibilities, even in B. But to fight against the team that is in my heart, that has been my team forever, I didn’t feel like it. So I took the opportunity to go to Toronto. Many people say I chose because of economics but it is not so, the salary is not higher than what I was getting at Genoa. The choice was made together with the club, we both agreed and for that I just have to say thank you to Genoa. It gave me the possibility to choose,” Criscito recounted, admitting that he does not yet feel ready for a managerial role.

The former Genoan, however, then revealed that, sooner or later, that moment will come and it will be with Genoa: “I have a very good relationship with the club, as the club wrote the termination was consensual. Together we decided that when I come back I will have the opportunity to join the club. And for that I have to say thanks to Andres Blazquez and the new society.”

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