Magro closes the loop with Cournooh

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Magro closes the circle

New summer blow for Germani Brescia, which has entered more and more into the heart of the composition of the 2022-2023 mosaic. With the purchase of David Reginald Cournooh, a 32-year-old with experience in the Italian league, Brescia enriches its play-guard department with a figure that certifies the search for solidity and concreteness that the biancoblu club is pursuing.

After bidding farewell to Vanoli Cremona, a team he left in April of this year after a two-year experience, Cournooh finished the 2021-2022 season in the ranks of Givova Scafati, in the A2 series, taking part in the playoff fight for promotion to the top division, which ended with the Campania club’s own category jump. Cournooh ties up with Germani Brescia through an agreement valid until June 2024.

“David comes from two seasons in Cremona where he showed he can be a player who can have an impact,” says Germani Brescia head coach Alessandro Magro. “He has improved a lot in the last few years and knows how to make himself available to the coach, he is able to play on both sides of the court with great energy. The greatest satisfaction in having him in Brescia is that, with David, a circle is closed: back in 2006, in fact, I was guardian of Mens Sana Basket’s guesthouse and he, a young 16-year-old, was one of the guys who lived in that guesthouse. Now, with great pleasure, we meet again in the top league to try to share very ambitious goals.”

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