Allianz Powervolley, Ebadipour introduces himself: “There is a different level in Italy.”

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Ebadipour introduces himself

Milad Ebadipour, the new acquisition of Allianz Powervolley Milan, has introduced himself.

The Iranian national team captain spoke to the official channels of the Lombard club, excited about his first adventure in Italy: “I am very excited to have made this decision. I know the team, but in general I think everyone knows the Superleague and Italian volleyball teams, as well as the quality of life. I lived 5 years in Poland, it was a good experience for me, but the time has come for a change as an athlete. I think it is also important for my family to move, I am very happy to have made this decision and I am looking forward to start this new challenge with Milan and with my great coach Roberto Piazza.”

The class of ’93 player has already been coached by the Milan coach in Poland, from which he decided to move, explaining the reason: “I have experienced wonderful moments together with my teammates, I like the challenge, I want to test myself both in the more difficult moments and in the less difficult ones; as an athlete I think you need this kind of situation if I want to grow and I think this is very important for any sportsman, I am not referring only to volleyball, because it changes you in some way and allows you to improve, moreover it gives you the opportunity to meet, besides many players, especially beautiful people. That is why I decided to change something, thinking also certainly about my family. I lived for five years in Poland, and, especially for my wife, it was a really great time, but, as you know, countries are different: for example , regarding climate Poland is colder, certainly Italy is not like that. Let’s say I want to confront a different level of volleyball, that’s the first motivation because I consider it a personal challenge; secondly also for my wife and my family of course, in agreement with me. Everyone speaks very highly of Italy, so we want to start this new experience.”

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