Gregorio Paltrinieri and Domenico Acerenza, the coach has no words

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Paltrinieri and Acerenza’s coach is incredulous

Fabrizio Antonelli, coach of Gregorio Paltrinieri and Domenico Acerenza, spoke at the end of the 10km open water at the world championships in Budapest where the two Italian athletes, whom the coach has been following since 2020, won gold and silver medals, respectively.

“One can add little, it would detract from what the boys did. A sports miracle. We dreamed of this and they made it real. I dreamed it this way. Anyone who saw any cross-country races knew we couldn’t play it out in the last few meters and we launched a longer sprint; it went better than we thought it would. The 800 test allowed us to make assessments to make the most of Greg’s condition. About him I can’t add more. There are no adjectives. Domenico, on the other hand, is a great professional who wants to improve himself every day. Continuous testing with Gregorio led him to these results,” Antonelli revealed.

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