Lorenzo Tosa scares up Matteo Berrettini

©Getty Images

Berrettini holds court

As widely expected by those familiar with the dynamics of social media Lorenzo Tosa also wanted to have his say on Matteo Berrettini’s forfeit at Wimbledon.

The incipit he chose (“Never would we have wanted to break this news”) to feed his numerous followers the unpleasant news created a great debate, not without criticism for the tennis player as well.

“Just this year that he was starting, if not as an absolute favorite, certainly in the front row, after a sumptuous preparation season on grass and triumphs in Stuttgart and at Queen’s,” Tosa raved. “After the disappointment of the Masters at home, after the 85-day stop due to injury, now comes another blow for this great champion as strong as he is – resoundingly – unlucky. “My heart is broken,” he said, “but I will come back stronger.” Come on Matteo! We are waiting for you.”

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