Nico Mannion knows what he risks

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Mannion knows what he risks

The biggies of Italian basketball, and they are not the only ones, are working to improve the roster available to their respective coaches. Virtus Bologna, of course, is no exception, having had the scudetto stripped from its jerseys but having won the right to participate in the next edition of the Euroleague.

In the Bianconeri’s house, the affair related to Nico Mannion continues to hold court. According to La Prealpina reports, it is to be understood whether the 2001 point guard really intends to stay on the roster, running the risk of playing very little, or it is just a contractual skirmish.

The Bologna club would like to extend the agreement by spreading out the numbers. Eventually, then, they could discuss about a loan: for Pace’s son there is, as obvious, a queue.

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