Cagliari, the track for the transfer of Nahitan Nandez gets serious

©Getty Images

Among so many suitors, the least expected one may come out on top.

One of the jewels in the crown of Cagliari’s squad in recent weeks is Nahitan Nandez, who over time has ended up at the center of the attentions of several clubs playing in Serie A. There has been talk of AC Milan, Napoli, Torino, and even Monza, but those who are really accelerating on the Rossoblù player do not play in our league.

In fact, in these hours Watford’s interest in Nandez has become overbearing. The English club, already on his tracks for several hours, is now thinking of accelerating a negotiation that could bring into Cagliari’s coffers an important sum. Probably higher than that guaranteed by the Italian suitors to the player.

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