Florenzi says goodbye to Roma for good

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The words of Alessandro Florenzi

Alessandro Florenzi, who has definitely switched to AC Milan, posted a farewell message to Roma on his social channels.

“Hello Roma, it has been a wonderful journey! I was 11 years old my first time in Trigoria. In 20 years only four times I have said goodbye to you. The first time to grow and “make my bones” and in the other cases because sometimes life teaches us to accept situations that go differently than we always imagined. I chose the path of silence because this is where the meaning of respect for a team and a society is born for me. I want with all my heart to thank the people who have worked in these years in Trigoria, together we have been “HOME.” Serene and aware that I have given my all for the jersey and the fans…I wish you all the best!”

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