Jannik Sinner heralds “unpredictable” turning point

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Jannik Sinner on changes to his game: “I am adding several things, I will have more solutions.”

Jannik Sinner in an interview with Rolling Stone elaborated on the changes to his game that he is pursuing with coaches Vagnozzi and Cahill: “I don’t have to lose my identity as a player, I’m an aggressive tennis player and I’m staying that way. With Cahill we started working on the serve, changing something and the results will be visible in the months to come. I will definitely have more solutions than today and be more unpredictable.”

“Here at Wimbledon I came to the net 50 times. I won’t become a serve-and-volley player, but I am adding things to my game. We’ve been working a lot on the physical, I’ve had bad luck lately. First with blisters, I’ve been fighting it for two and a half years, then with Paris, the only real hiccup for me.”

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