Andrea Belotti set to sign three-year deal with Monaco

©Getty Images

A three-year, 3.5-million-euro per season deal on the table

Confirmations are arriving from France about Belotti’s move to Monaco. Having ended his long adventure with the Torino shirt (113 goals in 251 games in granata), the 28-year-old national team striker is reportedly ready to move to Ligue 1.

Monaco has reportedly reached an agreement with the Gallo. A rich contract is on the plate: three years at 3.5 million euros per season. At 28 years old, back from a very difficult season, Belotti is very keen to prove his true worth. At Monaco he could have a great chance to prove his true worth. He would find, as ward mates, Minamino and Ben Yadder. Only the classic white smoke is awaited.

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