Lotto Soudal won’t give up on Thomas De Gendt

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Lotto Soudal won’t give up on De Gendt

De Gendt is, with his eight-year tenure with the team, one of Lotto Soudal’s most experienced riders. He has developed into an attacker, with stage wins in all the grand tours over the years.

The Belgian cyclist said he was very pleased with the contract extension: “In this team, I was able to become the rider I always wanted to be: a striker,” De Gendt said. “The last eight years have been mostly successful, with beautiful victories and great memories. I’m looking forward to adding two more years.”

De Gendt then continued: “I am very curious about the evolution of the team in the coming years, with young talents like Maxim Van Gils or Arnaud De Lie coming on board and also the new cosponsor. Although it will become increasingly difficult for me, my goal still remains to win races. Also, I hope to help the team whenever I can.”

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