Civitanova, Osmany Juantorena’s resounding farewell

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The red and white captain will play in China next season

Surprise divorce between Osmany Juantorena and Civitanova. It was Lube itself in a statement that made known the farewell of its most representative player: “Osmany Juantorena says goodbye to Lube! Thank you for everything captain! After climbing the world together and winning the most prestigious competitions representing Civitanova, Marche and Italy with honor, the roads of A.S. Volley Lube and the red and white captain Osmany Juantorena part. A visceral bond that lasted seven seasons, all played at the top, comes to an end.”

“When by then the roster of the Italian champions for the 2022/23 season had already been shored up by dg Beppe Cormio, an international club knocked on the door to request the sporting services of the former national team’s setter. At the threshold of 37 years of age and back from an injury that kept him off the court for almost the entirety of last season, Juantorena considered the financial offer that came to his attorney to be unrenounceable and asked for a transfer.”

“A thunderbolt that did not destabilize the Cucino society. Already grappling with a major rejuvenation with a view to opening a new cycle, the club decided to respect the will of the athlete, a champion who with the colors of the Marche team has raised numerous trophies to the sky: a Club World Cup (2019), a Champions League (2019), four Scudetti (2017, 2019, 2021, 2022) and three Italian Cups (2017, 2020, 2021).”

This is the farewell of Juantorena, who will play in China next season: “It is not easy to separate myself from these colors, but I made a choice for me and my family. At my age certain offers cannot be refused. I thank ownership, management and staff for understanding my need. I will remain the first of the Lube fans and very soon the supporters will find me at their side supporting the team. If I close my eyes and think about my history with this jersey I feel so many emotions also because all the trophies have a special flavor, including the last Scudetto, but my heart beats faster every time I remember the Champions League Final in Berlin, when we beat Zenit in a comeback! It was a dream to immediately hug my family and party with the fans in Germany. I am sure the new young and talented Lube will bring more satisfaction to the Predators! Be sure to support the boys!”

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