Sofia Goggia stronger than the heat: “Optimal conditions”

©Getty Images

Sofia Goggia is training on the Matterhorn

Downhill champion Sofia Goggia at the microphones of TGR della Valle d’Aosta took stock of her preparation on the Matterhorn: “This is my third summer block and I am happy because, despite the prevailing heat of the period, the conditions are optimal. The cup runs here? It’s going to be a long and grueling race, hopefully we’ll make it since these temperatures are eating away at the glacier.”

“Between now and November there will be a lot of water under the bridge, but I can say that in general, here in Cervinia the situation is good thanks to the work of the pisteurs who maintain the snow. It’s clear that this heat complicates the plans, personally it’s important to put work in the bag now, then at the end of August we will go to Ushuaia and winter … is approaching.”

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