F1, Charles Leclerc-Max Verstappen, for Villeneuve can change everything

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“The Ferrarista beat the Dutchman by equal means, and this will give great confidence.”

Former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve to Formule1.nl highlighted Charles Leclerc’s victory over Max Verstappen: “It’s a victory that gives Charles confidence. Nice that first overtaking maneuver on Verstappen, who had the same means: the same amount of fuel and the same tires. It was a good fight, then after that there were too many differences in terms of tires plus the DRS factor. Verstappen couldn’t do anything more at that point.”

Verstappen instead chastised Carlos Sainz for what he did in the sprint race: “The Ferraris were faster, but they started fighting each other. An error of judgment on the part of Carlos Sainz, who I think should have preserved the tires and then put pressure on Verstappen along with Charles Leclerc.”

Ferrari, apart from yet another engine problem, came out of the Red Bull Ring as the better car: “Red Bull seemed a bit uncertain, tried an aggressive strategy to draw Ferrari into the pits but the Scuderia did not back down. The luck for Verstappen was Carlos’ retirement. It was painful for him, and it also looked dangerous with that car not stopping.”

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