Jannik Sinner: Darren Cahill pinpoints watershed moment

©Getty Images

Sinner experienced a particularly brilliant Wimbledon tournament.

Jannik Sinner’s ‘supercoach’ Darren Cahill in an interview with Sky reviewed the excellent Wimbledon of the South Tyrolean, who amazed by making it all the way to the quarterfinals on a surface certainly not suited to him so far: “With Vagnozzi there is a shared path of growth that I really feel has worked. Sinner has moved better on the court, it’s obvious. Grass is a complicated surface, on which you need to have confidence. Without it you can’t get to the bottom of such a tournament.”

For Cahill, the breakthrough moment came soon after the first victories, which boosted the player’s confidence: “Winning a couple of matches is important. When he defeated Wawrinka and later Ymer, we realized that he had started to be more confident on grass and, in fact, he played better in the following rounds. Jannik simply needs to play more on grass.”

Cahill preached patience: “Sinner has grown again in the last few months, he is now taller than me, a symptom that his body is still changing and, because of that, we need to build his physical stamina without rushing. When he is formed he can really do battle against all the greatest players in the world.”

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