Discovering Kvaratskhelia, new arrow in Napoli’s trident

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The 2001 class is looking forward to his start with the Neapolitan club

In a lengthy interview with Il Mattino, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia answered many questions, from choosing Napoli (“I never had any doubts. As soon as I heard about Napoli’s interest, I didn’t even think about it for a second and immediately said yes”) to where he thinks he will get with this team: “ll as high as possible, also because I had been following Napoli for a long time already and I knew it was a great team with many strong players.” The Georgian also dwelt on his relationship with coach Spalletti: “He is proving to be a great teacher. He teaches me something new every day and it is good to see that he does it with everyone. In this training camp period we have little time to prepare for the season and he is doing everything to convey his ideas to us perfectly.”

On the reception from teammates: “It’s a great feeling. The teammates have welcomed me great. Everyone loves me. In just a few weeks they have made me feel at home, welcomed me as if I were family. It is an exceptional thing.”

Finally, he could not miss a joke about the pronunciation of his name: “I know, my name is very difficult to learn, but I told everyone to call me Kvara, so there are no problems,” which he prefers to have complete on his jersey, however, and the comparison with the “Messi of Georgia”: “Maybe, I would add. Because Messi is a player who seems to have come from another planet. I am inspired by Ronaldo because he got to the same level as Messi through hard work and sacrifice, and I would also like to have the same career as him.”

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