Osimhen-Spalletti: striker takes the floor

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Osimhen-Spalletti: striker takes the floor

On Sunday Victor Osimhen was kicked out of training by Luciano Spalletti. Reached by Corriere dello Sport, the striker calmed the waters: “He is a top coach: every day he tries to motivate me and make me make the most of the potential I have. I think he is the ideal coach for me at this stage: he is one of the reasons why I always give my best. I am happy when he is satisfied with my performance.”

The Nigerian has been at the center of several market chatters: “I am at Napoli. And I have great respect for my club. I’m fine here and I’ve never had such close relations with everyone as I do right now. I spoke with the president, he is the one who decides, and he reassured me by explaining the club’s plans. I am happy with what he told me and the signings are of quality: words have been followed by deeds. I am very happy to play with Napoli and in the future we will see.”

Napoli has changed a lot in the squad: “The team has changed a lot. Gone are Insigne, Ospina, Koulibaly, Mertens and Ghoulam, key men and great leaders, and I want to thank them: I adore them all and wish them only the best. But now there are other leaders: I am happy for Giovanni Di Lorenzo, the new captain, and then there is Mario Rui. And by the way, new good, determined and technical players have arrived who will help us fill the void left by these great champions.”

Giuntoli has bought several young prospects: “They will increase our quality. Few people believe we will be competitive for the Scudetto, and that is an opinion I respect: however, I think we can do much, much better next season than the last one. We will do everything to improve again: we are very motivated, we worked well in Dimaro and now we continue in Castel di Sangro. Napoli is still strong. Definitely strong,” Osimhen concluded.

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