F1, a former Ferrari goes down flat on Charles Leclerc

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Formula 1: Mauro Forghieri does not mince words with Charles Leclerc and Ferrari

Reached by Libero, Ferrari Technical Director Mauro Forghieri went down flat with Charles Leclerc: “He is fast but he needs to grow. The mistakes he keeps making after five years in Formula 1 suggest that, today, he is not yet ready for the iris.”

“Leclerc needs to be helped in the pits, advised better. When Niki Lauda came to Ferrari in 1974, he was good but not great. We refined him and the next year he won the world championship. Ferrari fans have to accept the reality: the title is still deserved by Verstappen who is more glacial and more complete as a driver. The world championship is at stake here, and Ferrari’s hopes are at a low ebb despite having, after years, a good car,” Forghieri concluded.

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