Ferrari, Charles Leclerc believes and does the math for the World Cup

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The Monegasque returns confident

The disappointment of the Le Castellet retirement and Charles Leclerc’s now-iconic “Noooo!” will become part of the epic tale of the 2022 Formula 1 season, but the Monegasque returns to confidence that it may be the lowest point before the climb back up.

Interviewed by ‘Canal+,’ in fact, Leclerc said he is confident that he can still catch up with Max Verstappen: “Maybe people will think I’m crazy, but reading the statistics I realized that if I won every race and Max came second without setting fast laps we could win the championship. I read it on Twitter.”

“So now, I just have to win the remaining races. It won’t be easy but that’s the spirit we have to have, otherwise I would stay home. What motivates me in Formula 1 is the will to win, I will believe in it until the end.”

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