Juventus, Locatelli sends message to Allegri: “This way I am happier”

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Locatelli sends a message to Allegri

Reached by Gazzetta dello Sport, Manuel Locatelli summed up Juventus’ preparation: “We are a great group, we all follow Allegri carefully. These days have been important for the team to be even more united. We have made some great signings and we are very happy.”

The midfielder prefers the role of director: “I’m much happier, the more balls I touch the more I get into the game, I’m satisfied with the tour we did, we are trying new things and there are good feelings for the future. I have more responsibility on the field but it doesn’t scare me, that’s why I’m here. We are not hiding, our first goal is to win the championship and we are working in this direction. We have been training well and this is the most important thing.”

The former Sassuolo player is referred to by some of his teammates as a leader, despite his young age: “These are very appreciated words, which are a great stimulus for me. I chose Juventus because of this, I know what my responsibilities are and I get along very well with my teammates. Signing for the team of my heart was a very exciting moment.”

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