Benacquista Latina Basket, taken a very young man

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Caught a very young

Benacquista Assicurazioni Latina Basket announced that it has signed a three-year agreement with Italian/Croatian athlete Denis Barnaba.

Barnaba, a 201 cm and 90 kg small forward born in 2003, played the Under 19 Eccellenza Championship and the NextGenCup last football season with the jersey of New Basket Brindisi. He also made his league debut last April 3 in the home game at PalaPentassuglia against Varese.

Under the dual-use formula, last year he also played in Monopoli, his hometown, the Serie D championship with Scuola Basket Delfini in a project that offered him the right opportunity and spaces to grow and improve.

For the young Apulian prospect, in the midst of training and fresh from his high school graduation exams in accounting, this is the first experience away from home and in the A2 Series championship, but he is ready to work with commitment and dedication.

“To Denis goes the welcome in the Nerazzurri house and a sincere and warm good luck, for this experience with the jersey of Benacquista Assicurazioni Latina Basket, from the President Commendator Lucio Benacquista and the whole Pontine society,” reads the note of the neroblù club.

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