F1 rival sneers at Ferrari: “A pleasure every weekend”

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Red Bull adviser Marko: “Ferrari gets everything wrong, it’s very different from last season when everything was nerve-racking”

Red Bull executive Helmut Marko in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Osterreich sent more than a broadside to Ferrari, which with a series of errors between the race wall and drivers is favoring the escape of Max Verstappen and the Austrian team, despite a very competitive car: “Ferrari’s gap in the standings has become possible by doing practically everything wrong.”

“In Budapest, for example, for the first time they did not put the tires in the right temperature window and also chose the wrong pit strategy. Then I don’t understand why they didn’t use a used medium tire, which would have been better than the hard.”

Compared to the close duel with Mercedes last season, Marko admits that 2022 is a piece of cake: “Rarely has it been so much fun. Almost every weekend is a pleasure, which is very different from last season when everything was nerve-racking. It’s just a shame that Ferrari makes so many mistakes. They are well below their value and we are really sorry. But they will come back because they have a powerful car.”

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