Lautaro Martinez holds on to Milan Skriniar

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The words of Lautaro Martinez

At Sky’s microphones after the San Siro match, Inter striker Lautaro Martinez spoke about Lukaku’s return. “We talked a lot, from the day he left until the last. As I said before, I am happy that he is back, to continue to grow. He serves this team so much, because he always tries to help and he helps us.

“I don’t know if this Inter team is stronger than before, but we always try to improve, always look forward, always look forward, always give us all a hand together. Today we are four strikers, all good, and we have to try to always take advantage of the characteristics we have.”

Tone on Skriniar’s stay in Nerazzurri: “He is a very important player, we all know that, I am not saying it now. I am happy with the fact that we stayed the same and we will fight to win everything.”

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