Marcell Jacobs, Fidal’s response has arrived.

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Stefano Mei’s words

Federal President Stefano Mei spoke again after the end of the European Championships, “I reiterate what I have already said, starting with the fact that on the issue of using Marcell Jacobs in the 4×100 relay, most likely, some mistake was made.”

“As for me, I who have never wanted to get into the merits of technical choices, I promise myself, from now on, while continuing not to want to interfere at all, to ask to be informed. If for no other reason, to make available my experience as a top athlete in order to add, where necessary, arguments for reflection.”

“The confrontation that has started between the technical management and the athlete’s personal staff, even in the press, does not reflect the value of the individuals involved. I want them to know that they all have my esteem and approval for what is extraordinary (I reiterate: extraordinary) they have been able to do over the course of years of work, and which today, in addition to being in the public eye, constitutes a heritage of the entire Italian sport. Let us enjoy the wonderful results obtained at the European Championships in Munich.”

“I think the time has come to end this affair and immediately return to work, all together, for the good of the athlete Marcell Jacobs, as has been done, egregiously, until today. And for the good of athletics as a whole. This experience, too, will come in handy in the path that awaits us in the next two years, between now and the European Championships in Rome and the Games in Paris, passing through the World Championships in Budapest next year.”

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