Game on in Rome: subbuteo World Cup kicks off

©Getty Images

The 75th year of the birth of subbuteo is celebrated

The World Subbuteo Championships, organized by the FISCT, are being staged at Cinecittà World in Rome. As many as 26 nations will take part in the rainbow event (18 competitions in total) with a focus on Italy’s lineup, one of the tournament’s top teams.

CT Marco Lamberti, Gianfranco Calonico, Stefano Buono, Alfredo Palmieri, Cesare Natoli and Luca Bisio have summoned as many as 42 Azzurri to take part in the competitions scheduled for the World Championships. Much anticipation, in particular, for the blue star, namely Luca Colangelo (four-time Italian Champion). The kermesse will end on September 18.

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